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DIVE's main areas of focus are medical education, architecture, and interactive art. We believe that interactivity will become increasingly prevalent in the world.



Anders Rinaldi Angelin

Co-founder and CTO

With a background in Audiovisual and specialization in digital product development and management, they have been working in 3D modeling and game development since 2015. Their journey began in virtual reality and 3D reconstruction at CITI-USP (Center for Interdisciplinary Interactive Technologies). Since then, they have worked in various areas, including extended reality experiences, graphic art, games, 3D printing, and asset design. They also joined the Innovation team at Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, managing software and hardware projects for healthcare. They are a co-founder and the current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Dive.

Rodolfo Brant de Carvalho

Co-founder and CEO

An entrepreneur and Audiovisual Producer, currently pursuing a degree in Data Science & Business Analytics at the University of London under the academic direction of the London School of Economics. They have also completed a course in Music Business at Point Blank Music School, Audio and Acoustics at IAV, and Game Development in Unity. They are a co-founder of Dive Realities, a startup incubated at the Center for Innovation and Digital Health at Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, specializing in education and extended reality, where they participated in projects in collaboration with the hospital. They serve as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Dive.

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